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Disposable linear filter with large capacity for the production of demineralized water. The filter consists of a transparent, pressure-resistant housing and has a volume of approx. 10lbs mixed bed resin, which contains a green dye. The resin filters the water from dissolved suspended matter or prepares normal tap water so that it can be used directly to fill the battery. When the resin has reached its capacity, the color changes from green to purple (or) creme.


•    Housing approx. 31.5" long, 4.5" mm diameter, weight approx. 13lbs.

•    Pressure resistant up to approx. 85psi.

•    2 quick connections, Gardena compatible.

•    Provides pure water of 0 µSiemens, color change takes place at approx. 20             µSiemens conductance

Deionizer Station

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